Kim Kardashian unveils 20 strange secrets

Entertainment 5 February, 2017

You think you know everything about Kim Kardashian, his life and his little habits? Think again ! The bimbo is full of mysteries … Discover the secrets she herself revealed!
Every start of the year reserves its share of surprise. After several months of absence on social networks as well as in Hollywood life, Kim Kardashian has made his return. His aggression in Paris caused such a shock in the KUWTK bimbo that a pause was needed. Traumatized by the attack, Kim Kardashian has finally expressed on the subject with the French authorities. A first step in order to leave this bad pass behind it! The queen of social networks has been very successful resume his little habits on its accounts Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat after his break but also on its website . You thought you knew everything about Kim Kardashian? Think again ! The bimbo has revealed some secrets about herself, her family and her couple. Did you know that Kim K is more intelligent than you could imagine? And yet, the star would have skipped a class and was very gifted in Spanish but also that she knows the alphabet in sign language …
But that’s not all ! On the website of Kim K, it is also discovered that Kim Kardashian carries a bar of contention behind his teeth that one can not see or that it makes crack his hands every morning. It is also discovered that during her many trips, Kanye West’s wife does not travel without her own blanket and her own pillow. A little maniac the Kim not? She loves bees and would love to have fun with them, we better understand why she uses both the filter Snapchat of the bee! Kim Kardashian also unveiled a secret a little strange about his couple … If we could imagine that Kimye fell in love at first sight was when they slept together for the first time that the star knew Kanye West was made for her! But why ? “I only like the hot rooms and I hate it when the air conditioning is turned on.” I knew that Kanye West and I were made for each other when I slept with him and that he was all warm ” . We can say that this is a strange secret … After Beyoncé announced that expecting twins, Kim Kardashian be pregnant? She sows the doubt! Did you know these little things about Kim Kardashian?