Kingsman – The Golden Circle: Taron Egerton compares the film to the Avengers

Cinema 14 April, 2017

In a recent interview, Kingsman’s main actor – The Golden Circle, Taron Egerton, compared the film to the Avengers!
The first Kingsman , directed by Matthew Vaughn, was one of the most fun action films of recent years. It is not surprising that a new opus was released entitled Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges appeared on the first pictures of the film) . Taron Egerton, main actor of this suite, returned in interview for EW on this last one and did not hesitate to compare it to the … Avengers! The actor thus explained “If the first Kingsman was Captain America, this one is much more Avengers” . For Taron Egerton, the film goes from a simple origin story to a set of several pieces for an even more impressive result.
Taron Egerton also added about this comparison with Avengers. “For the first Kingsman, I did not feel really good and told me that it would not work, this time the story is going through my eyes but it remains I also have a little more experience, I no longer ask what is the use of a piece of a camera on the set . The future spectators of Avengers Infinity War, whose presence of the Black Order was teased on a photograph of shooting , will be able to appreciate this Kingsman The Golden Circle . An adventure that promises to interest a multitude of characters and propose even more impressive action scenes!