Kristen Stewart: Bella Thorne would be a couple with her!

Entertainment 13 April, 2017

After revealing that she was bisexual, Bella Thorne confided in an interview that she would like to go out with Kristen Stewart.
In terms of seduction, Kristen Stewart is a real faller. Alicia Cargile, Soko, St Vincent, Stella Maxwell … The bisexual actress enchains the love relationships! For some time, she has been perfectly loving with the pretty model Stella Maxwell, with whom she recently celebrated her birthday . But if she were to be single, Kristen Stewart can reassure herself, there is someone ready to devote herself to consolation, and it’s none other than Bella Thorne , the actress of Shake it Up ! Yes, the young actress had revealed last August on Twitter that she was also bisexual and in a recent interview with the magazine HarpersBazaar , Bella Thorne confided that if she could go out with a girl, it would be Kristen Stewart. “She is so sexy and radiant, I would be so starting ,” she said, not without blushing.
In the rest of her interview, Bella Thorne confessed that she was having trouble going out with women, because she was slow to find out whether she liked them or not. “I can not say if a girl flirts with me or if she just wants to be friends ,” she said, adding, “And I do not want to flirt with a girl if she thinks I’m Just his girlfriend. And if I kissed a girl and she said “Oh, we’re just friends, I can not believe you’ve crossed that line.” I do not know what they want from me . ” Anyway, if it was Kristen Stewart flirting with her, Bella Thorne would surely realize it soon. The actress of Twilight is effectively mediatizing his sexuality and is not afraid of affection marks in public. Lately, we saw her in particular very loving and very accomplice, hand in hand with Stella Maxwell in New Orleans . Only Bella Thorne is left to find a girl as well as Kristen Stewart. And you, would you see Kristen Stewart and Bella Thorne together?