Kristen Stewart: His worst movies? It balances

Entertainment 8 April, 2017

Is Kristen Stewart aiming for the Twilight series? The actress confides in her worst roles in the cinema …
Personal Shopper offered her best role to Kristen Stewart :! The critics are unanimous on the performance of the actress, who breaks the screen in the skin of a young woman who seeks her true identity while pursuing the ghost of her deceased twin brother. Since the ex of Robert Pattinson has radically changed register, since she began filming the action movie Underwater . She embodies a jaded and bitter scientist who will have to survive an unprecedented natural disaster. No doubt, the star is easy to impose as one of the most versatile actresses of her generation, but according to her, it is her worst roles that have taught her the most ! Kristen Stewart made this amazing revelation in an interview for the Stuff site . Stella Maxwell’s darling does not quote the films in question, but it is not hard to infer that she is referring to the Twilight saga .
Indeed Kristen Stewart explains that she has always seen her natural timidity and her introverted character as defects, but that they have finally become her main strengths. And she came to this amazing conclusion by working on bad movies, which embarrassed her and put her face to herself: “Whenever something was planned, or that it seemed great on paper and That there was nothing to suggest that it could be bad, it always resulted in something mediocre and empty and embarrassing, without any value. But I realized that I was much more comfortable when I was in trouble Comfortable ” . Difficult to know to which films the star alludes, although we know that ” She has always been critical of the Twilight saga . But one thing is for sure, Kristen Stewart, who is unrecognizable on the shooting of Underwater , assumes now all his choices, even the worst! What do you think of Kristen’s revelations?