Kristen Stewart still addicted to her ex Alicia Cargile?

Entertainment 8 June, 2017

At the moment, the American actress spends the perfect love with Stella Maxwell. But then, why return to see her ex Alicia Cargile if all goes well?
Since December 2016, Kristen Stewart is in love. And the lucky winner is none other than the famous model who scrolls for Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand , Stella Maxwell. Lately, the two stars have put their lives in danger for a simple photo . Yes, they are united in the best and the worst moments, and display their idyll in broad daylight. Moreover, the American actress, who upset the codes at the Cannes Film Festival, has even passed a new course with her darling, that of living together. But a shadow added to the picture, Kristen Stewart would have returned to see her ex, Alicia Cargile. What are the real reasons?
Did she return to the arms of her ex? It is still too early to say. However, according to the Just Jared website , the 27-year-old American actress was reportedly seen in Los Angeles, leaving her former girlfriend’s home and assistant Alicia Cargile. Kristen Stewart, who seduced Cannes recently with her short film would have even spent the night at Alicia. But then, what really happened between the two women? Did Kristen deceive model Stella Maxwell? All that can be said is that the star of the saga Twilight and Alicia, who have lived a love story for 3 years, have remained very close, and do not intend to cut the bridges at the moment. And you what do you think ?