Kylie Jenner: His chest redone? Rumor re-launched (PHOTOS)

Entertainment 22 December, 2016

Kylie Jenner seems to have offered a new chest for Christmas! New photos have revived the rumors of cosmetic surgery.
While recently many thought that Kim Kardashian could have surgery to reduce her buttocks and Kendall Jenner found himself in the heart of a bad buzz after being displayed with much more fleshy lips than usual, Internet users are now wondering about their little sister, Kylie Jenner. The young woman had already made the buzz on the Web when she had displayed lips much more luscious than before. But now, it’s his chest that makes talk on social networks. This rumor is not new! There are already some time, many suspected Kylie Jenner have increased the size of her breasts but the girlfriend of Tyga was defended by revealing that his chest had become more imposing because of hormones.
Kylie Jenner, commenting ultra embarrassing photo Tyga, just post pictures via his account Instagram who were quick to revive the rumors. Kim Kardashian’s sister shows a much bigger chest than just a few days ago. It seems to be moved from a B cup to a D cup at least ! It could very well be the result of a bra push-up but fans of Kylie Jenner remain skeptical. Yet the young woman had confessed that she loved her chest. “I really have good breasts naturally. They’re a cute little size.” , She explained while admitting however that she was not against cosmetic surgery. So bra push-up or chest redone? Only Kylie Jenner could we confirm! And in your opinion, has Kylie Jenner used cosmetic surgery to increase the volume of her chest?