Kylie Jenner is paying the fail of the century with her hot 2017 calendar!

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

While Kylie Jenner recently unveiled her sexy calendar for the year 2017, a mistake has crept in and it’s embarrassing!
New bad buzz for Kylie Jenner! If details of her sex life have recently been unveiled and it prompted a rant about it, this time the young woman did not seem to want to react. Because yes, since the beginning of the year, the star of TV reality is at the center of all the attentions. If some are questioning as to whether it resorted to plastic surgery to his buttocks, others are convinced that she is married to Tyga in secret. In other words, little sister Kendall Jenner has not days easy. Fortunately, she can count on her boyfriend with whom she has also just flying to Mexico . But when she thought of relaxing, Kylizzle made another talk. The reason ? Despite the success of her sexy schedule for 2017, Kylie Jenner now faces a big fat fail. And it’s embarrassing for everyone …
As you know, it’s mid-December 2016 that Kylie Jenner ignited the fabric with ultra caliente pictures of her 2017 calendar Directed by sulphurous photographer Terry Richardson , the project has not failed to make the buzz on Social networks. For cause, we see King Kylie topless or even in string and fishnet stockings. But if the 19-year-old businesswoman made the temperature rise, Internet users quickly noticed that an error had crept into the pages of the document … His birthday is not the right one. Yes, while the reality TV star was born August 10, 1997, his birthday appears August 20 on his calendar . A big fail that did not go unnoticed at all! Kylie Jenner would she forgot to check his own schedule? It looks like it. In any case, this little misadventure did not bother the fans who continue to support her in all her projects. Besides, Kylie Jenner can boast to be (almost) as rich as Kim Kardashian . And you, what do you think of this fail?