Kylie proud of her breasts, Kendall copies Selena Gomez in Paris … The crazy week of the Jenner!

Entertainment 11 March, 2017

Another agitated week for our favorite sisters! It is also high time to return to the week of Kylie & Kendall

In recent days, Kylie Jenner has caused a sensation with a brand new photoshoot. True ATOMIC BOMB , the It Girl left no one indifferent. But if her voluptuous curves have turned heads, King Kylie proved she was ultra proud of her breasts during a trip to Disneyland California with her boyfriend Tyga and her son King Cairo. For the occasion, the pretty brunette opted for casual jeans and a white crop top that left very little room for imagination. Happy cuckoo chest! Finally, Kylie Jenner was also at the heart of the news because her brother Kim Kardashian (gently) mocked her on video. After using a filter that deformed the mouth, Kimmie said, “I’m doing a photo shoot with Kylie today and I want to look like her. I thought it would do the trick.” BIM! A little tackle that made laughing the Internet users.

Kylie Jenner at Disney California, she’s proud of her breasts!

In Kendall Jenner’s side , the week was also punctuated. The reason ? Supermodel completed her latest fashion shows for Fashion Week in Paris . In other words, she did not hesitate. Moreover, she did not fail to surprise her fans since Kenny J showed up without make up and SANS EYES for the parade Miu Miu . A result a little special that has definitely made his fans react on the Web. A few days later, the daughter of Kris Jenner played it queen style in the streets of the capital. The 21 – year – old brunette was wearing the same outfit Selena Gomez had worn before her on her tour The Revival Tour: a transparent body covered with a ‘ A denim band at the chest . A Sami Miro Vintage garment that stars get snapped up and understood;) And do you have a preference between Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner?