La Fouine: Capital of the censored crime, the album of the resurrection?

Entertainment 19 April, 2017

After a disappointing New World, La Fouine seems to have regained inspiration. Capitale du Crime Censored will it be the album of the resurrection?
In March 2016, La Fouine made its great comeback in the ferries of Fnac with New World . For the moment, the rapper of the 78 had chosen to play the rallyer, recalling (and especially singing) positive values ​​on instruments on the edge of pop. An artistic direction that did not please his audience: indeed, New World proved to be a commercial failure, something La Fouine had little used to us, he who sold CDs like rolls of the time of his splendor. But while he could have stayed there, La Fouine (looking for a look-alike Booba for his next clip) decided to roll up the sleeves not to leave the game on a failure. And what is the best way to regain strength? Return to basics.
Yes, La Fouine, we kiss it when it pushes the song; But where he’s really strong is when he’s doing dirty! It’s good for CDCC , his next album (which is one of the most anticipated rap albums of the year with those of Booba and Rohff) , the famous rapper decided to reactivate the hardcore mode. And given the success of his last clip “Litron” (almost 5 million views in 1 month), it is clear that this return to the source is paying. Flow, punchlines … La Fouine seems more fit than ever, as if this return to fundamentals had made him a crazy. Inspired, the rapper still seems to be in his title “RS4” , which should soon come out to judge by the video above.