La Fouine: CDCC, he sets out to conquer the world with his new album

Entertainment 20 April, 2017

While he’s got the wind at the moment, the rapper of the 78 is so popular that he is even invited to do concerts abroad.
Last year, La Fouine made its big comeback with the album Nouveau monde . Unfortunately for him, this new opus proved to be a flop in the charts. Far from admitting defeated, La Fouine decided to go to work to go up the slope. Exit the songs on pop instruments intended for a wide audience; The rapper of the 78 decided to return to what was his strength, what his fans really liked: rap hardcore. It started with “Chargé” , which put everyone in agreement. Then it went on with “Litron” , which confirmed that we were entitled to La Fouine in very great form. Result, on melty, we wondered if CDCC, the new album of La Fouine, will be the album of the resurrection for him.
As you can see above, this Saturday, La Fouine will be in showcase not in France, but in Dortmund, Germany. Yes, the rapper is in such a form at this time that the organizers of foreign showcases invite him to bring the world in their box. The consolation of Borussia Dortmund fans , who saw their club lose against AS Monaco yesterday in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. On this occasion, the rapper Yvelines may unveil its title “RS4” with which it makes us salivate for several weeks … Do you believe the return of La Fouine?