Lacrim at the very top with Force & Honor, it is certified platinum disc

Entertainment 22 April, 2017

It just happened: after only 3 weeks of shelving, Force & Honor, the last album of Lacrim, is certified platinum disc. Like a boss.
So, if we expected that … Ok, Lacrim was already popular. One only has to see the sales of RIPRO 1 and 2, its two previous mixtapes, which both reached minimum gold record in record time. But we did not think the guy was on the same level as Jul or NLP. Too street, too hardcore to please a wider audience. And yet: in just a week, Force & Honor Lacrim’s new album, reached the golden record. A score similar to his previously cited acolytes, which has just crossed a new level, since Force & Honor is now platinum disc.
3 weeks after its sale, Force & Honor , the new opus of Lacrim, has just crossed the bar of 100 000 copies sold. It reaches the platinum disc, and joins the small circle of the country’s biggest disc sellers alongside Jul, Nekfeu and PNL (whose cancellation of the concert at Coachella is buzzing around the world) . A score all the more impressive as the rapper decided to adopt a tactic based on sobriety , he who only clipped a piece, “Colonel Carillo” , where others swing clip on clip to make the buzz .. Congratulations to him! What do you think of Force & Honor, Lacrim’s latest album?