Lacrim backed by Rohff fans, tensions come back down?

Entertainment 10 April, 2017

While some fans of Rohff were particularly reminded that Lacrim has collaborated with Booba, others now want to calm down the game.
Two weeks ago, Lacrim surprised everyone by announcing that he had collaborated with Booba. While the rapper’s fans rejoiced at the announcement of this featuring, if there was one who did not like it, it was Rohff, who obviously had a bit bitter to see His friend collaborate with his rival. In any case what we concluded after seeing the messages “The tricks of this game do not make me smile what I see …” and “#NeufQuatreUNITED” on his account Instagram. Is not the only one to have the seum: some fans of Rohff also felt that they were betrayed by Lacrim , and do not hesitate to let it know on the social networks. Fortunately, others are now playing the card of The appeasement.
“I underestimated you very full album. Since Lacrim entered it had not put a slap like that, ” says a fan of Rohff. A message to which Lacrim responded with “thank you” on his account Instagram. A reaction that is rather pleased to see from this fan of Rohff. Afterwards , the story does not say if he listened to “Oh bah yes”, the featuring Lacrim / Booba that currently carton in the charts , or if he preferred to abstain “out of respect” for Rohff … What do you think, The Rohff fan reaction after the featuring Lacrim / Booba featuring?