Lacrim: Force & Honor, Booba, SCH, he confides in an interview EXCLUDED

Entertainment 7 April, 2017

In an interview EXCLU, Lacrim told us about his new album, but also Booba and SCH. Check out our video.
A week ago it was a pile ( on April 7th for latecomers ), Lacrim made the world tremble by unveiling his new album Force & Honor . Only a few months after his release from prison, the rapper is determined more than ever to regain the front of the stage and catch up lost time. By listening to the record and the first interviews of the rapper, the editor of melty had necessarily 1001 questions to ask him . His life in prison, the mysteries around his titles, his feat with Booba … Many subjects trotted in our heads. Fortunately, we were able to make an appointment in the eighth arrondissement of Paris. Microphone and camera in hand, we went to interview Lacrim in person to talk about his latest projects.
He was one of the most anticipated rappers in 2017, he is finally there: Lacrim made his big comeback with Force & Honor . An album title heavy with meaning as he was able to explain it in interview. Because yes, even if he is one of the most listened artists of our generation, Lacrim remains available and very open. We were able to tackle all the subjects that we hold dear, including his featuring with Booba which is a great success plus the clip that could possibly be made: “It’s really hard rap, rap as it should. Not expect to go to Carrefour to do a playback. ” In short we stop teasing, we let you watch it in the video just above.