Lacrim: Force & Honor certified gold record in one week

Entertainment 10 April, 2017

Lacrim comes to blow all the scores with his new album Force & Honor, already certified gold record after a week of exploitation.
Unbelievable ! After only one week in the bins, the new album Force & Honor of Lacrim has just achieved a feat. Released on March 31, the opus sold 62 015 copies, marking the best start of the year. Certified gold record in such a short time, the sequel promises to be very promising for Lacrim, who confided exclusively to melty. After his release from prison, the rapper taffed like an egg to be able to return to the front of the stage. With his web Force & Honor , he had already set the tone, then his galette is the consecration.
Two weeks ago, the clip “Colonel Carrillo” came out and since then, more than 8 million people have already seen the pictures. His album has also done wonders in streaming since he realized the best start streaming with a record on Spotify and on Deezer . Besides, Lacrim has put ko PNL , since 2,378,321 streams were recorded on Deezer in 24 hours, putting Ademo and NOS in addition, seen how sales are taking place, it could be that the dad of rap degum One by one his opponents, not displeasing to some. Did you buy Lacrim’s latest album?