Lacrim soon feat with a great international music star?

Entertainment 17 April, 2017

While his album Force & Honor carton in the charts, Lacrim could soon collaborate with a great international star.
At the end of last month, Lacrim was back in the tanks with Force & Honor. A new album that sold like rolls: in barely a week, it was already golden record (50,000 copies sold). On the occasion of the release of this new skeud, Lacrim has given numerous interviews, including one to melty (in which he speaks to us in particular of Booba and SCH). He also gave one to our colleagues at Open Minded , who asked them if there was a non-rap artist whom he particularly liked. Find out his answer just below.
“I like the Ed Sheeran,” he tells Open Minded. And while the journalist asks him if he would like to collaborate with the British singer, here is what he replied: “After that if you ask me, of course. I would like”. Well, on paper, a feat Ed Sheeran x Lacrim, it’s a little chelou. But we know that the English singer likes French rap , and that he has already collaborated with Nekfeu (Ed Sheeran has also said good on him recently) . A featuring between the two is therefore far from inenvisageable … Would you like to hear a featuring Ed Sheeran x Lacrim?