Lady Gaga at Super Bowl 2017, a dangerous performance to foresee

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

What is Lady Gaga preparing for the 2017 Super Bowl? The superstar would have seen things big and his performance looks dangerous …
While the identity of a surprise guest seemed already to reveal the Super Bowl in 2017 , today we discover new details about the performance of Lady Gaga during halftime of the mythical event . On 5 February, all eyes are indeed fixed on the interpreter of “The Edge of Glory” which will show in front of millions of viewers live NRG Stadium Houston (Texas). And apparently, the superstar saw things big for his participation in the 51 st Super Bowl! Lady Gaga would like to sing on the roof of the stadium and since then, technicians and lawyers would work hard to ensure that her ambitious plan is feasible.
A dangerous idea that does not really surprise the fans of Lady Gaga! As she wants to mark the story of the Super Bowl in turn, the American singer is ready for anything. A source says that “his team is concerned” about the safety of the artist who is not afraid to risk his life. “They are doing many plans for her safe on the roof, potentially including a hole in the dome ceiling” , said the source. In any case, the performance of Lady Gaga during the half-time of the Super Bowl promises to be already memorable! We will of course be the first to follow the event live in the night. More good news: Lady Gaga is back in the studio, this time with the producer of Rihanna . What do you expect from Lady Gaga’s performance?