Lady Gaga ends Joanne, Internet users are perplexed

Entertainment 18 April, 2017

Will Lady Gaga have already turned the page of her latest album Joanne, a few weeks before the launch of her world tour?
Lady Gaga ignited the scene of Coachella 2017, and we tell you all about melty , since we were lucky to be able to applaud her. The superstar replaced Beyoncé, pregnant and unable to perform the show. Before her next performance next weekend, the star unveiled a brand new title entitled “The Cure” . A total surprise for the fans, who did not expect the singer to release a new single while her album Joanne was released on October 21. Will Gaga have moved on to something else, when her world tour Joanne Tour starts on August 1 in Vancouver? It would seem that yes.
Lady Gaga has the effect of a bomb by unveiling her new single unpublished . On social networks, his Little Monsters were boiling and the pressure has not yet fallen. For some, this new sound is a bit too commercial, but for others, it is perfect, since many blamed the blonde to have lost with her era Joanne . As a result, we are already announcing the release of a new EP, in addition to Joanne . On social networks, Gaga has changed all his banners to put the cover of “The Cure” and on Instagram, the beautiful has completely removed the word “Joanne” to replace it with Gaga . So the interpreter of “Million Reasons” Would she definitely have buried her fifth album? Internet users are puzzled. What do you think ?
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