Life Sentence: Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) arrives on the CW, 3 things to know about her new series!

Cinema 20 May, 2017

While the trailers of the new series of the American network were recently unveiled on the occasion of the Upfronts 2017, Lucy Hale will be on the bill of Life Sentence. Here are 3 things to know about this new show!
Goodbye Pretty Little Liars! And yes the meltynauts, in a few weeks, the broadcast of the last season of the show show Freeform will end leaving thousands of fans across the globe squarely orphaned. And if some of the actors in the main cast have decided to take a well-deserved vacation, the beautiful Lucy Hale is already teeming with new projects and one of them concerns the CW and the series titled “Life Sentence”. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover our criticism of Season 7 episode 14 of Pretty Little Liars, during which SPOILER was about to betray her friends , discover three things about the new production of the American network Including Lucy Hale.
Lucy Hale returns to her first love!
If it owes its success and popularity to Pretty Little Liars, it is not yet its first experience. Indeed, the young actress is rather accustomed to Comedy-Drama and so it was a novelty for her when she slipped into the skin of the pretty Aria Montgomery. With Wizards of Waverly Place, Privileged, How I Met Your Mother or Baby Daddy, Lucy Hale has a huge comic potential. With Life Sentence, the young woman returns to the roots of her career and again offers a place on the CW . His character much more lunar and joyful than that of Aria promises to reserve us many surprises!
Lucy Hale gives Merlin a reply!
If you’re a big fan of Once Upon A Time, there’s no doubt you’ll be happy to know that the beautiful Eliott Knight who lent his traits to the most powerful magicians, Merlin, is also part of the game. He will play the character of Wes, Stella’s husband. Conscious that his wife was suffering from an incurable cancer, he dedicated his life to making her happy and fulfilling all her wishes before she dies. But he will find it hard to find his place with a woman who is finally healthy. Sexy in the devil, Eliott Knight should form a couple of hell with Lucy Hale .
A touching and funny heroine
For the first time in her life, Lucy Hale will have the heavy task of carrying a series on her shoulders. Let us not forget that she shared the poster for a long time with four other young ladies. This time, it is she who will have to lead this show perfectly to allow us to attach to the heroine to which she will henceforth lend her features. And fortunately, according to the trailer, the pretty Stella is as fresh and spontaneous as it is funny and touching . Very far from the character of Aria, Stella should upset the stone hearts and we are eager to discover Lucy Hale in this different register. Back to school! While waiting for more info, discover all the trailers of the new series of the CW.