Looking back, you realized that these TV series things were dangerous and harmful to society

Cinema 3 February, 2017

Young, we laugh quickly and easily, without thinking too much. The possible consequences, especially unfortunate, are only manifested much later. Examples.
We are all at fault. We looked, we laughed, we talked about it, some may have even done and imitated. Today, when you see these stuff again, talk about it with people or plainly find out the damage this has caused, you’re sorry. You did not guess.
Being like an asshole and yelling = being the chef (“Master Chef”, “Nightmare in the kitchen”)
The poor apprentices and employees took pride in all the world. The customers, the camera, the viewers … And besides, impossible to answer Gordon Ramsay. They had to close it, completely, apologize. You, you laughed handsomely and the idea made its way into your brain that the head can all afford . Making fun of people, not respecting them, shouting like a skunk.
Wearing ugly sweatshirts = being stylish (“The Cosby Show”)
Under the guise of being a special character (Bill Huxtable), Bill Cosby always wore absolutely disgusting sweaters. Colors, patterns, combo with both: it was funny as well as in bad taste . Problem: Today people do the same in real, thinking to stand out and be swagg.
Customize your crate in painting = give it more value (“Sheriff scare me!”)
Bo and Luke roll mechanics in their red Dodge Charger. Until then, I will. Giving him a name, General Lee, is going to happen. For cons, the cross painted on the roof, they were not required . We go in the “customization” of kéké, flashy, which costs an arm and will complicate the resale. You never see the money invested with this bullshit.
Say “Cowabunga” before a brilliant action = t’es un BG (“Les Tortues Ninja”)
Known as a gimmick of Michelangelo, Cowabunga is also used by Snoopy, Bart (“The Simpsons”, in case) and other characters. Kesako? It is a kind of war cry, self-encouragement, to give oneself of the countenance before a heroic attempt. It’s funny when you’re a kid, a little tense when you have exceeded 20 pins . Even if you’re a surfer or skater.
Opting for Bowl Cutting = Assuming Originality (“The Big Bang Theory”)
The series should suffice you to realize that this is not a good idea. No, it’s not beautiful. About person. The proof Howard galley to nab despite repeated attempts and mental strength. Fortunately, Bernadette was conciliatory. Do you want more? Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber”. Guys, it was for the Beatles in the 60’s because they compensated with other things. We can not.
Drag and chop everything that moves = being a casanova (“How I Met Your Mother”)
Barney Stinson is lucky, almost all the women who go to MacLaren’s or where he hangs in New York are pretty pretty. As a result, the damage and regret are less. This does not alter the fact that it is neither more nor less than a horny sod, a sickly mytho and a coward . We laugh, but see a buddy turn into Barney and think it’s life, it’s sad. Do you know people who unfortunately reproduce this kind of behavior?