Low budget films that exploded at the box office

Cinema 13 March, 2017

Happiness is not always measured by the amount of money sent to the screen. These films proved it to us …
In the absence of oil, it is better to have a sequel in the ideas when you are a director without a penny . Like these guys, who, far from the 28 films that have exceeded a billion dollars at the box office , have been dirty with very little money. Give them a pony, they make you a racehorse …
Napoleon Dynamite
Shot in a hurry in 23 days with a budget of $ 400,000, “Napoleon Dynamite” has reported 100 times in its output (about 45 million). In the dick, director Jeremy Coon did editing at his home on Final Cut Pro, while Jon Heder, the main actor who plays a high school student Nerd a little looser, contented himself with a salary of 1000 bullets . But if this teen comedy was so successful, it was also thanks to the exhibition offered by Fox, the studio having decided to show the film in more theaters after good word-of-mouth in certain festivals Sundance). For the little info, the Fox has added an epilogue scene of 5 minutes after the final credits, which alone is worth half the initial budget of the film …
He has gone to sell his project to producers and especially impose his broken mouth as a main actor. Finally, the tenacity of Sylvester Stallone, who wrote the screenplay in 3 days on a small notebook, was rewarded . His film which cost 1 million, has brought 225 across the world!
Super Size Me
The documentary that McDo still has trouble digesting. The physical experience that Morgan Spurlock inflicted by exclusively eating McDo for a month had an international impact. But if the man lost a little of his health, he pocketed a lot of sorrel : for a production budget of 65,000 dollars, the film brought back 29.5 million to the exploitation. The wallet is super size too.
Paranormal Activity
In the same vein as “The Blair Witch Project” , whose director Oren Peli does not hide filiation, “Paranormal Activity” has done a lot of money with very little money. This false documentary, which only cost $ 15,000, rained down the world’s money to reach 194 million dollars . The strength of the film is above all to have bet on a viral promo on social networks, although the interest has logically declined with all the suites that have since been released.
Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece is one of the first films to show that one can do well with little. Suffice of a good story and a master of suspense to the controllers . His scary thriller, made with $ 800,000, has generated nearly $ 50 million in the world. Hat the artist.
Once again, the director James Wan and his poet writer Leigh Whannell met a lot of refusals before selling their project. With 1.2 million dollars of budget, no madness was allowed: the shoot was spread over 18 days only and was done only inside (it costs of the blurze to go out) . A winning bet since the horror film garnered about $ 103 million in revenue, one of the most profitable in history.
Mad Max
It’s starting to become an ultra-lucrative license if one believes what Tom Hardy said , and yet at the beginning , “Mad Max” was built on almost nothing: blood, tears, sweat and A budget of between $ 350,000 and $ 400,000. The filming of this Australian film took place in Melbourne (and its surroundings) and lasted only 12 weeks. George Miller’s find is to have taken a stranger for the title role: a certain Mel Gibson, who then made the career that we know . The post-apocalyptic film has thus garnered $ 100 million at the box office! For a long time, this classic has held the record for the most profitable small budget film in history,
Project Blair Witch
The example for all those who dream of turning lead into gold. With a budget that is between $ 50,000 and $ 75,000, the horror film exploded on its path with more than 240.5 million benefactors across the globe. From filming to marketing, everything was innovative. To give this sensation of documentary, the directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez provided almost no script to the actors, allowing them to improvise in the middle of the woods . The scene where the tent moves in the night is for example a real moment of flip ‘of the actors. At the level of the promo, the creators deliberately let it be believed that it was a real documentary that had gone wrong, fooling a lot of people on the Internet …