Mate these series, you will too want to see your friends!

Cinema 14 May, 2017

While you decided to stay under your duvet, some series make you want to drop your pillow and enjoy your friends. For friendship is life!
I’ll be there for you! And yes the meltynauts, who never dreamed of having a buddy – or even many! – who will always be there for us? Whether it is in hard knocks or in big delusions, we all need to kiffer with this person who knows us almost as well as our parents and who is much less reluctant. Friendship is nevertheless one of the engines of our lives, and it is useless to get confused with our friends, the truth is that it would have been difficult to separate from them. Sometimes, and while you had planned to shut yourself in and enjoy your TV, some series remind you how cool it is to see your friends and share with them moments of fun. While some heroes have joined the dark side.
How to talk about friendship without mentioning Friends? In the field, it is frankly a model so much we want to spend a little time in Central Perk laughing Chandler sarcastic jokes. Always fair, the characters in the series were able to show that friendship was a real blessing and that we should never underestimate the strength of such a beautiful relationship . We are not going to lie, when we look at the episodes, we have only one desire: to buy a building in New York and to lodge all our friends for a cohabitation simply insane. Who is with me ?
The Big Bang Theory
The heroes of The Big Bang Theory represent so well the delusions and the privates jokes that all share with our friends that it is difficult not to evoke them. Because in the end, we all have a neurotic, a dredger, a shy, an intello and a nice kid in our group of friends, right? And then, it would be so cool to dress up as The Flash at all the Halloween parties and to be able to play locked in the dark without any complex! We like The Big Bang Theory because it allows all our crosses to flourish so we run at the pals indulge in passions crazy crazy.
New Girl
New Girl is a bit of a roommate! A loft immense, a band of friends zany but adorable and a keen sense of loyalty, we would like to have a place in this apartment where everyone is there for each other even when the lead piles lead. And for the refractory to life in community, here is a series that could convince the undecided. After all, it’s also cool to share her shampoo, clothes and sheets! Yes, well, you are not forced to take the plunge but it can be a good idea.
How I Met Your Mother
When we look at How I Met Your Mother, we have only one desire: to have a buddy like Barney. The guy is a true chameleon, an inexhaustible clown, an unscrupulous dragger but above all a sincere friend who will do anything to get us out of our depression. How not to want to find this friend a little heavy but who is always there to convince us to try new adventures? We all have our little Barney to us that pushes us always higher, always further and that’s why we love it more than anything!
The Scott brothers
In the field of friendship, the characters of the Scott Brothers are references. And yet, there have been dramas and betrayals but as strange as it may seem, they have always managed to retain their friendship. Here is a series which teaches us the marvelous principle of forgiveness . No matter what dirt, hardships, disappointments, a friend will never let you down and he will be there even when all others will think you have healed because he will know better than anyone how much this is false. Can someone find me a Brooke, please?
Gray’s Anatomy
The doctors of Gray’s Anatomy are pillars that never let down. Death, treachery, wounds, they are there whatever it costs and nothing seems to be able to ruin their morale . We can see them all gathered at Joe’s bar and ask who would be there if they needed to hide a body. The show is truer than nature when it comes to showing that the bonds of a friendship only become eternal when they have been tested by the hard blows of life. This is evidenced by the friendship of Meredith and Alex who magnificently resists time on ABC . Besides, discover these series that had ends that spoiled everything, but then all about melty. Which series gives you the most desire to see your friends?