Me, Moche and Malignant 3: The Minions 2, Gru facing Dru, a sequel to be expected? New movie info

Cinema 18 June, 2017

Me Moche et Mechant 3 is coming out soon! While waiting to discover the film, you are revealed a lot of exclusive information on this new suite.
Following the success of the first two parts of Me Moche et Méchant and Minions, Illumination returns on Wednesday July 5 with a new part of the adventures of Gru … One of the inatables films of this summer of which melty proposes to you to discover a lot of exclusive information! The editors had the chance to meet the director Pierre Coffin and the artistic director Éric Guillon at the Festival d’Annecy , who confided in Me Moche and Mechant 3. This new plot remains in continuity with the previous ones, as revealed by Pierre Coffin : “The first film was about the paternity of a man whose job is to be the worst villain in the world. In the second he finds love and ends up marrying with this woman. For the third film, he has his daughters, he found a woman and now he will meet the rest of his family, hence the idea of ​​the twin ” ! Once again, the family remains at the heart of the plot.
As you may have seen in the trailer of Moi Moche et Méchant 3, Dru is the twin brother of Gru! This new character has a central place in this third part, as Eric Guillon explains: “Dru is quite the opposite of Gru because he seeks to please, they have opposite designs with him all dressed in white … He has a Castle of son to Papa and it is in the frime! All that made a good shift with Gru, a good bow that would become the story of the film . If Gru is a wicked repentant who now tries to do good as a secret agent, Dru’s goal is to become a super villain. In the editing of melty, we can imagine this evil twin becoming the hero of the Minions 2 , which will see the light in 2020 … “It is possible, In any case the end induces that! It would not necessarily be the continuation of the Minions 2 because there is a time line different from that of Moi Moche et Méchant, when Gru was small, ” reveals Eric Guillon. Pierre Coffin adds that it seems that a Me Moche et Méchant 4 would be ” in the pipes” …
Dru is not the only new character that marks the spirits in Me Moche and Naughty 3. This time, Gru and Lucy face an old star of the 1980s rejected from Hollywood growing up, Balthazar Bratt. A tacky superhero that could have been quite different from the one you can see in the final version of the movie! Eric Guillon tells us more: “initially when I started, Balthazar was the acolyte of the father. The plot had to happen in the 70s and Pierre Coffin wanted to bring back the 80s, so we kept the assistant to make the villain. We really started on something else ! ” An era little exploited in the cinema of animation and which was a real challenge for the production team. Pierre Coffin also answered one of the mysteries of the film: Why is Professor Nefario absent from this film? “It was too many characters to manage in the film and I think my producer does not like the character or the actor who duplicated him,” the director said. “I do not think we’ll see it in the next movies!” We are warned …
We also discovered some hidden references in Moi Moche et Mechant 3, like the fact that we see for a few seconds a nod to the Monde de Némo: ” it’s just to say that we killed The mother of Némo and that we are sorry … I did not even think that it would remain in the film ” confides Pierre Coffin. The director also reveals that “when the minions sing the operetta, the show is called Sing as Tous en Scène” . Eric Guillon concludes: “Every time on Margaux’s t-shirt, there is a reference to the next film Illumination. Here is the Grinch ! “