More beautiful life, roommate: Julien’s mother physically assaulted Sabrina on France 3!

Cinema 14 December, 2016

Julien’s mother does not like Sabrina, we know. To the point of physically assaulting and threatening in more beautiful life!
As the days pass, and we realize that the mother of Julien’s just crazy … Jealous of Sabrina, she was content until now to try to explain to his son that the pretty waitress was not good enough for him. Tonight, she went to the next level by assaulting physically downright our favorite geek . A scene that Sabrina was quick to tell Julian, who keeps trying to defend his mother assuring his girlfriend at bottom, it is not bad … Hmm, it is not so sure … Because the noose tightens more on it! After Nathan had issued for the first time the hypothesis that the mother of Julien could be related to the death of Cyril in more beautiful life , it is now the turn of the police to be interested in women. For the murder of the son of Rochat, as well as that of Mitya!
Celine and may be of great help to unmask. With the blessing of his psychologist, counsel for PBLV stopped taking his medication, which allowed him to remember a particular scene occurred 13 years earlier: a major dispute between Cyril and mother of Julian. And during the shouting match, Celine felt the quarantine was clearly jealous of her! But then Cyril and Julien’s mother they were lovers? Counsel for the Mistral seems not really know, but it might explain things … What Beatrice benefits, it may soon be caught up by his past! To find out, not miss any of the upcoming episodes of more beautiful life on France 3 !
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