Nekfeu: When a fan goes a little too far on Leboncoin

Entertainment 10 April, 2017

Fans are good. But sometimes, some go a bit too far … The proof below.
Already at the time of 1995, Nekfeu enjoyed a certain popularity. In 2015, this popularity completely exploded with the release of Fire , his first solo album. Today the guy is so succesful that he can come out a project by surprise, without any clip and without any interview, with music as only promo, and still chain the platinum records and the golden singles. And yes, at the dawn of his 27 pins that he has just celebrated , Nekfeu is a real reusta of music in France. A status that presents its share of advantages not negligible, but also a few minor disadvantages which it would undoubtedly have passed. Like some fans for example.
No, you do not dream: as you can see above, a fan of Nekfeu tries to sell an autograph of his favorite rapper on , the famous site of classifieds . An autograph signed by the rapper on a package of filters one evening of concert in Saint-Tropez, for which it will cost the small sum of 150 euros if you want to own it. A photo posted on the Instagram account of Deen Burbigo (who collaborated with Nekfeu on “You Dreams”) , and commented with the following message: “# 2k17 # cestçaleurproblème” . And yes Deen, the problem of some fans is that they sometimes go a little too far … And you, what do you think of the initiative of this fan of Nekfeu? He’s a little chelou, is not he?