Newport Beach, Community, This is Us: The best Christmas episodes!

Cinema 25 December, 2016

It’s finally Christmas and we propose you to discover our selection of the best Christmas episodes of the American series!
Today is Christmas and to find you a small occupation while you are still digesting the turkey, the foie gras and all the chocolates that you have eaten, the editor of melty proposes to you to discover its episodes of Christmas favorites. Besides, do not forget to make our test to find out which character sets you at Christmas! You know, American series are always ready to propose special episodes for the holidays, be it Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day and of course Christmas. There are lots of episodes where the characters celebrating Christmas, and among them we obviously our little “darling” , they which every year without exception. Discover without delay our small selection of Christmas episodes that we recommend:
To laugh
Christmas can be a somewhat depressing time of year, so what better than a good fit of laughter to change ideas? It begins with a cult episode of the more cult series Friends . Yeah, how about not mentioning at least one Christmas episode of the NBC comedy? “The One With The Routine” remains our favorite, especially because it gives us the opportunity to see Monica and Ross dance the most ridiculous choreography ever seen! With Friends , it’s hard not to find happiness. In a tone a little creaky, there obviously is episode 10 of season 2 of The Office , “Christmas Party” . If Friends is a little more known for its Thanksgiving episodes, The Office is king in terms of Christmas and the episodes of season 2 is just our favorite . A secret santa that degenerates into a “Yankee Swap” which allows each of them to steal the gift of another. And if we add to this the touching intrigue of Jim who wants to finally reveal his feelings to Pam, we have a perfect Christmas episode!
The nostalgic
Community is certainly a comedy, but episode 11 of season 2, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” is more touching and poetic that strictly speaking funny. While the characters are all transformed into animated “stop-motion”, as in some Christmas cartoons. Songs, quest, all the ingredients are there for us to be immersed in the magical world of Christmas . Then changes completely universe with another episode of the category “nostalgia” , as it is the cult classic “The Constant” , of Lost . It is that of the list that makes the least episode of parties, but with this one you do not risk to be bored! It focuses on the character of Desmond, who gradually begins to have flashbacks of his life and it is a call to Penny, his “constant” , on Christmas Eve that will change everything. Mystery, action, tenderness, you will not come out unharmed from episode 5 of season 4 of Lost.
The classics
A family preparing to spend Christmas quietly interspersed with several adventures? This is offers in the classical category with first, the mid-season finale of This Is Us . So, it is true that for the moment the episode is all fresh, but for us it is already a classic of the kind! Forget the tacky Christmas TV movies and rather look “Last Christmas” , episode 10 of the first season of the NBC series. Between the flashbacks that take place in the hospital while Kate with the appendicitis, and the different intrigues in the present, you are already advised to take out the handkerchiefs. Finally, we will finish with the most festive of all, and of course a must, “The Best Chrismukkah Ever”, episode 13 of season 1 of Newport Beach . This one is a classic clasisque home in which Seth Cohen explains that not wanting to choose between Christmas and Hanukkah, he combined the two in order to have the best of both parties creating: Noëlucca – or Chrismukkah in English. Watching this episode will instantly put you in the spirit of Christmas!
So that concludes our selection of the best Christmas episodes! Of course, there are all kinds of other episodes, in many other series and you are also invited to discover them. One thing is certain, in the editing of melty, we will look at those near the fir tree, finishing the last chocolates. And if you need a little more reading, we invite you to discover the series that made him speak of them in 2016, including Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The 100 and many more! What are your favorite Christmas episodes?