Nicki Minaj feat Drake, Lil Wayne: No Frauds, the 3 details of the clip we love

Entertainment 21 April, 2017

For the single “No Frauds”, Nicki Minaj found his longtime friends Drake and Lil Wayne. The “Queen of Rap” just reveal the clip and here are the 3 details that we love!
I do not need no frauds, no I do not need no drama when you call . This is what Nicki Minaj repeats in loop in the single “No Frauds” , excerpt from his next album. While we wondered how Kendrick Lamar managed to put the world at his feet in the clip of “DNA” , Nicki Minaj, she, knows already at the top. Without pressure, Beyoncé’s girlfriend swung in the Internet “No Frauds” , “Regret In Your Tears” and “Changed It” on March 10th. For the clip of the first title that allowed him to bury his rival Remy Ma, there was no doubt that Drake and Lil Wayne were going to be of the party.
1) The dresses of Nicki Minaj . We know from her “Super Bass” cartoon , the 34-year-old rapper loves to wear incredible and unlikely outfits in her clips. “No Frauds” does not deviate from the rule. Transparency, latex, diamonds or laces, Nicki Minaj seems to be able to afford everything and let us be clear, we also love it for it! 2) Shooting in London . In a tweet, the performer of “Stupid Hoe” acknowledged feeling “honored to have been able to shoot these plans in London” and we understand her. An unmissable figure in the rap game, she took advantage of a quick tour of the UK capital to film in a few lanes and near the Big Ben. 3) Presence of Drake and Lil Wayne . If Drake lost his first place in the Billboard 200 , it is obvious that his appearance in the clip of “No Frauds” brings a certain cachet. As for Lil Wayne, still as imperturbable behind his sunglasses, he proudly sits beside his protégée. And you, what do you think of this new clip?