Nina Dobrev as a couple with Orlando Bloom, why do we believe in it?

Entertainment 15 April, 2017

Nina Dobrev would have cracked for Orlando Bloom! Are the two actors in a couple? Discover why we believe in it!
It was revealed that Nina Dobrev was no longer single, the actress would go out with a well known actor . Yes, Orlando Bloom would have succumbed to the charm of the former girlfriend of Ian Somerhalder. By 2014 already, the two stars would have been seen kissing and would have flirted throughout Comic Con of San Diego. While Orlando Bloom has just broken with Katy Perry, it may well be the right timing for both players. Will Turner’s interpreter in Pirates of the Caribbean and Nina Dobrev recently met at the premiere of The Promise . They were very close and accomplices and spent the evening together. Could Orlando Bloom and Nina Dobrev be more than just friends?
Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom are both actors and film lovers, that’s already a good foundation. In addition, they are both very sporty . Nina Dobrev loves the challenge and never misses an opportunity to show her nicely muscular belly. Orlando Bloom will be remembered for a long time with his photos making paddle. Nina Dobrev and her new supposed boyfriend have also experienced highly publicized love stories and heartache . Moreover, they both know that it is difficult to make a place in the cinema and that nothing is never acquired. But the two stars especially love to have fun and go out among friends. Nina Dobrev, who recently made a break on the Web , never hesitates to s’ Pledge for the good cause, and it would seem the same for Orlando Bloom, especially when he was elected ambassador for UNICEF. The two actors seem to be made for each other! And do you think Nina Dobrev is a couple with Orlando Bloom?