Nina Dobrev, Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries), she does not want to be compared to her!

Entertainment 1 May, 2017

Nina Dobrev has turned the page of The Vampire Diaries. The young woman has confessed no longer wanting to be compared to Elena Gilbert …
So good, couple or not couple? For several weeks, the rumor circulated on the Web. The beautiful Nina Dobrev would have found love with the ex of Katy Perry. Here is another person who will register on his list of girls to damn until its existence (obviously wit). Yes, according to several sources, Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom would be couple . The two celebrities would spend a lot of time together but would like to keep their relationship secret (which is a failure!). In any case, the beautiful Nina Dobrev has changed in a few years . It is far from the time when it made a sensation in the first season of The Vampire Diaries . In this regard,
At the premiere of xXx Reactivated in London, Nina Dobrev surprised her fans by appearing with a brand new haircut. This is a radical change for her since she had not cut her teeth for many years. Well, after maybe it was not the right time since the wig of Nina Dobrev in the Final Series of The Vampire Diaries was not badly chambered. Anyway, all this to highlight the reasons why she decided to change her mind. In a recent interview, she said she wanted to cut her hair to “make more woman and not to be compared to her character in The Vampire Diaries, Elena” . Ah bah there clearly, this is no longer possible ! In any case, this hairstyle suits him perfectly, do not you think?