Nina Dobrev: Hilarious Christmas gift from her parents!

Entertainment 22 December, 2016

Nina Dobrev can do everything but her parents have found hilarious gift ideas. Discover immediately if the star has been spoiled!
We know the great sense of humor of Nina Dobrev and now we understand better where it comes from. It seems that his parents have even more! Yes, we must believe that humor is family. The star is currently with her family to spend the Christmas holidays. If we discovered Nina Dobrev crying on Instagram last few days, has just proved that Miss Dobrev was a great actress. She simply peeled onions with her mother. After the meal, it was time to spend on gifts and other words that his parents found brilliant ideas . The Christmas gifts that Nina Dobrev received were simply hilarious … Discover them immediately!
What a hilarious family! The former star of The Vampire Diaries has unveiled his account Instagram gifts she received for Christmas from his parents and they are VERY original … No perfumes or luxury bag … Nina Dobrev was potatoes ! Yes, you read right. For his gifts are more personal, his mother and father were both written in pen “Call more often” to send him a message. Nina Dobrev will have to have a new resolution for 2017 that call more the parents , otherwise one does not imagine his gift for next year. In any case, Nina Dobrev loved her gifts. In legend of his photo, it reads: “I have the best family They always offer me the most thoughtful and unique gifts #PotatoesAreTheNewCoal #loveyouguys…” Well, we can only agree with her. Waiting to see other gifts of stars, see if Nina Dobrev is in a relationship with actor Mark Kassen! What do you think of his gifts?
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