Nina Dobrev hilarious in a parody

Entertainment 9 April, 2017

Nina Dobrev as you have never seen her! The young woman radically changes personality for a scathing parody …
Nina Dobrev gets better, and she proves it ! The actress was very disturbed lately after the death of her cat, who accompanied her everywhere for 18 years. The young woman made a true declaration of love to her beloved animal, and she remained silent for several days on social networks. But for some time Nina Dobrev has again the morale, and she began to share his very agitated daily with his fans. And the actress’s latest initiative may surprise you! Indeed the ex-star of The Vampire Diaries participated in a video for the famous American humorous site Funny Or Die . Nina Dobrev had to recite excerpts from random conversations surprises in the streets of Los Angeles.
Indeed, between cocaine considered more acceptable than Coca-Cola, Easter which should exist at a different time than that of the Coachella festival, the difficult decision to cancel a three-way plan, the impossibility of being vegan in prison, Duration of a romantic relationship expressed in number of publications on Instagram, the qualities that one must pretend to have to seduce a man and the quality of lighting of the various motorways in terms of selfies, one can say that the inhabitants Of Los Angeles have existential questions and dilemmas that can all be identified (or not). One thing is for sure, Nina Dobrev is particularly convincing in her role as blase, superficial and slightly uneducated, and we love it! A compositional role for the actress, Which shows once again that she is very comfortable in the register of humor. Nina Dobrev, who has seduced her fans with a sporty and sexy photo , has decidedly all the talents … What do you think of this video?