NLP to Coachella 2017, their cancellation makes the buzz around the world

Entertainment 20 April, 2017

The cancellation of their concerts at the Coachella 2017 festival made the world’s newspapers talk.
This is the big disillusionment of these last days. The Ademo and NOS rappers can not perform on the Coachella festival scene in the United States. The PNL group had to cancel their concerts because one of the two brothers was unable to visit US soil because of a Visa problem: “One of us has not been allowed to To return to the United States for reasons that you imagine, ” the group said in a message posted on Facebook . The result was that they had to perform alongside Lady Gaga last weekend; Kendrick Lamar or Future, the two rappers from the city of Tarterets could not live their American dream.
On the social networks, the news has made a lot of talk. While some mocked, many were disgusted at the idea of ​​not seeing the two performers perform. It must be said that PNL is rare on stage and that very little info is unveiled to the fans. They were able to count on the support of great artists like Christine and the Queens who tweeted: “Let PNL in #Coachella” while media from around the world have relayed the case all over the world . Paste Magazine, Pitchfork, LA Times, The FADER, NYLON, BFM , they all tried to help the two brothers by talking about their history. But given the current global context, It is now difficult to travel without being checked by the rules of the art. Result, no concerts for rappers. Fortunately, PNL will be able to console itself, since the album In the legend goes back in the top albums in France. Are you disappointed not to see NLP performing at Coachella?
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