NLP: Until the last gram, they make crazy the users with the part 4

Entertainment 15 April, 2017

Once again, the two brothers of PNL play with the nerves of their fans on the social networks before the release of their new clip.
In a few days, the two brothers Ademo and NOS originating from the city of Tarterêts will live their American dream while landing at the festival Coachella. But before igniting the American public, the PNL group , whose excerpt from a brand new piece has leaked on the internet , continues to play with our nerves on social networks, on the eve of the release of their new clip. At the last gramme, planned for a little while already. On Twitter , the two rappers remain very discreet lately and only content to post a few emoticons.
Several days ago, we had captured the little NLP game , which teased part 4 in their own way . Obviously, both artists continue to want to play and remain mysterious on this new video. As a result, speculation is beginning to happen and we are already talking about a clip unveiled during their performance at Coachella. Yet, it would be strange to spread the continuation of their adventures in America, although with these two, everything is possible. Each time a project is announced, an egg communication is put in place. It will just have to wait a little longer to hear from the two rap bosses fr. Are you eager to discover Part 4?
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