No, we did not forget that these series characters were bisexual

Cinema 19 June, 2017

Happy Pride Month! On the occasion of the month of pride, we take the opportunity to offer you a small stitch of reminders about these characters bi we sometimes forget.
On the occasion of the month of pride, we propose you to return a little on the bisexual characters of the series of which we sometimes tend to forget that they are bi. Obviously, the characters in question are not defined by their sexuality – as in life! – but we tend to forget that between homo and hetero, there is notably bisexuality . This sexuality is too often erased or set aside in the series because, let us admit, prejudice has a hard life. Regardless of the number and type of partners, it is up to the person to decide whether to categorize bisexual or not, to hell “false lesbians”, “heteros who change camp” and other reductive and ignorant names.
Frank Underwood – House of Cards
A president of the United States bisexual, for now there is only in the series that can be seen … Under his airs of expert manipulator and between two remarks disguised as compliments, Francis knows how to use his charms To seduce both the masculine and feminine … At the same time, who would dare to say no?
Chuck Bass – Gossip Girl
Easy to forget that Chuck remains “open” since he is part of one of the most emblematic couples of Gossip Girl – Chair fans raise your hands ! And yet, the big-hearted bad boy is charmed by both men and women , which is not so surprising when we know his innate curiosity and his character particularly caliente in the series.
Marissa Cooper – Newport Beach
No, it was not just a teenage crisis or a “phase” and even if the story of Marissa Cooper and Alex Kelly broke our hearts, we greet the writers of Newport Beach to have Brought a bit of representation amidst all these teens rich, beautiful and … straight.
Oberyn Martell – Game of Thrones
Obviously it is more of his death that one remembers but god knows how Oberyn Martell knew to celebrate the life . One does not forget that it was not always only with Ellaria Sand and that always it promoted the sexual freedom of Dorne. We would definitely stay here again. Sea, sex and sand …
Lagherta – Vikings
Already at that time among the Vikings, tolerance reigned a little more than today: one of the bloodiest people in history left people sleeping with whom they heard it without worry. One may wonder why today it sometimes requires a medical check-up, a word from the parents, a proof and a dissertation on the relations between men and women, men-men, women-women … Lagertha sleeps with men and women In total indifference, and we have only to hope for things to happen in the same way with us soon!
Here is our small list of bisexual characters whose sexuality is neither erased nor put forward. Obviously there are others like Tina Kennard from The L Word , Angela Montenegro ( Bones ), Ilana ( Broad City ), Katherine Mayfair ( Desperate Housewives ) and William Hill ( This is Us ). And you, what are your favorite bisexual characters?