Not too many good resolutions for 2017, we still want to see beautiful cracks

Cinema 30 December, 2016

As usual, we will wish ourselves full of good things, it will stink the kindness. But you need improbable tricks, slips, as these actors did.

Charlie Sheen
Very strong, it takes people to the frontiers of reality. And of course, without playing, without preparing his shot. As often, he teased the drink and other substances until finishing unconscious in his hotel room, with a chick enclosed in his toilet. An evening that went badly and which cost him his place in the series “My uncle Charlie” that cardboard. While sending her to a detox center ‘.
Christian Bale
Recognized as one of the best actors at the moment, the Welsh is also able to leave away without script. On the set of “Terminator Renaissance” a technician made him mad by dint of returning to the stage to adjust the light. Bale finally said he could not concentrate because of it (say, it is admissible) then pick up on a monologue of more than 3 minutes during which he blazed all the crew. A beautiful monologue that was recorded and went well afterwards.
Amanda Bynes
No need to be a reference to fart cables. The actress of “Robots”, “Love to the drift” or “Hairspray” meets regularly problems with the marechaussee. A kind of “I do not love you either”, where love and hate are never very far … Some highlights: stopped phone at the wheel, she bar before the cop gives him his fine, Go back to the station. Or a little rubbing on one of their car. Or refusal to blow into the balloon and asked Obama himself to transfer the bad cop who lied about his condition … Otherwise there’s also leak offenses of driving without a license. A real.
Mel Gibson
He has always had warm blood and an unfortunate tendency to see conspiracies everywhere. Suddenly, when policemen tell him that he is driving dangerously on the Pacific Coast Highway, a little quick, Mel Gibson sees it as a stubbornness. He tells his life in mode “I’m already not well ouinouin” before threatening kind “I have the arm long, I will avenge”. Not glorious but nothing serious. After a cons … Suddenly, the old hero of “Mad Max” fate as the Jews are responsible for all wars and asks one of the Schmitts if any one . I think it’s called a skid. Not controlled. And we do not want to see Mel again. Find something softer.
Shia Labeouf
A genius that will be understood only in decades, vilified today, incensed tomorrow. Well, maybe. In any case it has the potential. Arrest in an airplane because stuffed (and noisy) sky, freestyle rap rap or radio, directed by himself matting movies for 24 hours in a movie theater, the actor of “Wall Street: The money never sleeps “or” Fury “surprises up and down. Including the festival carpet, as in 2014 in Berlin for the film Nymphomaniac, it arrives with a bag over his head, with this message: “I’m not known” . Why ? Because he had misjudged the criticisms on the social networks. So, there, he sulked.
Mathieu Kassovitz
Cocorico! The director who exploded twenty-one years ago with “La haine” now makes French PAF. For better and for worse. As for pure art, he knows how to do, no worries. On the other hand, when taking a position, it usually stings. Kassovitz frequently shoots at the mouths of “comrades” of the cinema and fucks royally from their reactions. Sometimes, the one who is also actor now likes to give his opinion on the news, for the pleasure. As when Kim Kardashian was sequestered and stolen recently in Paris. It’s totally free and you feel like he’s kiffe. Come on, forecasts about who could slip in 2017?