Ocean Master, the Super Story!

Cinema 19 December, 2016

Orm, aka Ocean Master, is one of the most formidable enemies of Aquaman. And for good reason, he is also his half-brother! Here is the Super Story of this wicked coming of the seas!
When one is King of the Seven Seas and one reigns over Atlantis and the oceans, one must expect to make a few enemies. And as often, it is in his family that we find the most formidable! Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, knows something about it. For not only must curb the ambitions of Black Manta, his nemesis, but it also has the obligation to oppose his half brother, Orm, aka Ocean Master. The latter to be the cast of the film Aquaman and (obviously) play the wicked, the editorial ‘of melty thought it was time to look into his Super Story. And we quickly realize that Orm, like his powerful brother, has been rewritten several times over the decades. In his first appearance in 1966 in the number 29 of the series ” Aquaman ,” Bob Haney and Nick Cardy, he borrows the features of a 100% pure human strain , son of Tom Curry – Aquaman’s father – and A woman named Mary O’Sullivan. And just as a Loki, who had to face competition from a Thor, Orm grew up in the shadow of his brother, the mighty Arthur . In other words, the young boy quickly feels a profound jealousy for this half-brother who possesses extraordinary powers, so much so that the first years of his life are marked by bitterness and anger!

Orm was first a man without super-powers
Then to stand up to Arthur, Orm becomes a criminal, first from the second zone, before losing his memory and disappearing completely from the traffic. He remembers him a few years later, except that this time it takes the name of Orm Marius, better known therefore under the title of Ocean Master, having become meanwhile a pirate of international fame. And as it threatens the waters of our beautiful planet, it often faces Aquaman, accompanied in some of his adventures with the young Aqualad . It is also during one of their numerous confrontations that our superhero realizes that is actually hidden under the mask of Ocean Master. Subsequently, the super villain decides to overthrow Aquaman and seize the throne of Atlantis and, as he can not survive under water, makes a rather original costume allowing him to breathe in the seabed. In issue 50 of ” Aquaman “, the writers choose to return the memory, which does not prevent the wicked to continue his crusade against our heroes.

Between Arthur and Orm, it has always been war
After the dramatic events recounted in ” Crisis on Infinite Earths ” (1985-1986), the character of Orm, like that Aquaman moreover, is completely rewritten. Peter David reinvents the brothers and tells in ” Aquaman: Time and Tide ” (1993) their turbulent childhood. Arthur and Orm are still half brothers, but this time the second appears as the son of the sorcerer Atlan – who is also Arthur’s father – and an Inuit woman. Living with his human family, Orm crosses the path of Aquaman the day when it saves the life of its cousin, Kako, with which it maintains a relation in love. Rendered furious and jealous, he attacks the two young people before donning the costume of Ocean Master. Because having learned that is actually his father, Orm intends to claim the throne of Atlantis, even though it rightfully belongs to his brother ! To achieve its goals, Ocean Master turns to Neron, a powerful demon, whom he met in the pages of crossover ” Underworld Unleashed ” (1995), by Mark Waid and Howard Porter. This not only gives him a powerful magical trident but also gives it some useful mystical powers that make him almost the equal of Aquaman.
But he now only attacks the kings of the seas! Joining the ranks of the Injustice Gang of Lex Luthor and composed in particular of Mirror Master and Poison Ivy (which could also appear under Megan Fox traits in the movie Gotham City Sirens) , it stands against the Justice League several Times. We see particular demand the remains of the kingdom of Atlantis in ” Our Worlds at War “, a crossover released in 2001 and which are responsible among other Jeph Loeb, Phil Jimenez and Peter David, at a time when Aquaman is presumed dead. It also returns in ” Infinite Crisis ” (Phil Jimenez, George Perez, Ivan Reis, 2005-2006) where it combines with the Secret Society of Super Villains. But his greatest achievement, is however to have fashioned a very different reality in which he swaps places with his brother, becoming himself Aquaman ( ” Aquaman ,” John Arcudi, Patrick Gleason, 2005)!

The villain can even stand up to the Justice League
With the launch of the ” New 52 ” in 2011, Orm, like most of the characters of DC Comics, is entitled to new origins in the pages of the series ” Aquaman .” The Queen of Atlantis, Atlanna, following the wise advice of Vulko sends his first son Arthur to Earth so that he lives with his father. She then remarries with a guard of Atlantis and gives birth to Orm. Twelve years later, on the death of his parents, the latter moved to the throne, even though Vulko warned him that he would return to his older brother, Arthur. It is the latter who will try to find the legitimate heir of Atlantis so that he enters into possession of his inheritance. And of course, do not like at all Orm, which even comes to hire the services of Black Manta, we told you the Super Story , to fight his brother. The super-villain encrusted more in the series ” Justice League “, in particular in the narrative arc ” Throne of Atlantis ” (2012-2013, Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis) where he tries to run … the city of Boston! It is also found later in 2013 in the crossover ” Forever Evil ” by Geoff Johns and

It never separates from its trident

Originally, therefore, Ocean Master was a simple human without superpowers, but his situation was not slow to evolve. Thanks to its market with Neron, the villain can manipulate vast quantities of magical energy, which he channels through his trident. With the changes introduced in the ” New 52 “, he mainly uses it to launch electric rays. But it also relies on another piece of very special equipment: a helmet ! Created to allow it to breathe underwater, the object evolved at the same time as its possessor. Now it also serves to control huge amounts of water – which it is useful to face Aquaman – up sometimes create real tsunami . As an Atlantean, Orm also now enjoys increased strength and physical strength, as well as his frangin, as well as hyper-developed senses. He also trained as a warrior, making him a formidable fighter and an unusual strategist. So to say that it represents a major adversary for the King of the Seas! Which version of the character would you like to see in the movie?