OEEF: Kendall Jenner is addicted to her new puppy

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

If Kendall Jenner is totally addicted to her new puppy, she does not hesitate to share it with her followers. And this is the OSEF info of the day!

If Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner went on vacation together, the editorial ‘of melty quickly requested if a romance was coming. For good reason, the two celebrities have often been very close to one another. Besides, longtime friends, Kenny J Biebs and could very well do as Drake and Jennifer Lopez and embark on a new romance. In any case, if some of their fans would love the idea, Kendall Jenner seems to have already found the love of his life, and not a man. You guessed, we are talking of a little fur ball . Offered by its sister Kylie Jenner at Christmas after her dog Bambi has had a litter, the puppy quickly became essential for the dummy. So much so that she did not hesitate to invade Snapchat with more cute as each other videos.
Attention cuteness overload! Kendall Jenner is addicted to her puppy and she proves it. Visibly called Mew, the small animal caused a stir on social networks . And because the It Girl was not private to unveil several photos and videos of the little dog on Snapchat . Difficult then for his followers not to crack before the boil of the small white animal. And the young woman of 21 years is so in love with Mew she does not hesitate to take him with her output. The proof, when she was recently on the streets of Los Angeles, Kendall Jenner was photographed with her puppy . Photos to discover HERE . You said cute? In any case, Kenny J is in a good mood and his fans love it. Like the incredible gesture that the family Kardashian / Jenner recently for the homeless at Christmas. So, do you also crave for this little ball of hair?