Once Upon A Time Season 6: Episode 17 tonight, will Regina break the curse of sleep?

Cinema 16 April, 2017

While episode 17 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time will be broadcast tonight on ABC, back on the main lines of “Awake”!
Will Hook succeed in finding Emma? And yes the meltynauts, the more time passes, the more Hook loses hope. Gideon’s plan worked wonders and Killian is still stuck in the Imaginary Land. He does not have many options left so cross his fingers so that he is soon reunited with his fiancee . While Melty’s editor suggested you discover our criticism of episode 16 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time , let’s go back in detail on the main lines of “Awake” broadcast tonight on ABC . First of all, know that Hook will decide to associate with Lily the Tigress in the hope that the girl can help him find a way to return to Storybrooke with Emma. But will their association be without consequence? Meanwhile, Regina does her best to break the sleep curse that weighs on Snow and Charming’s shoulders for several episodes. Will it at last succeed in bringing them together definitively?
Nothing is gained since the wicked queen had terribly sealed her spell. Hopefully Regina will find a way to break the spell so the Charming couple seems desperate to find themselves. At the same time, Gold will refuse to obey the Black Fairy which will lead them into an absolutely terrifying dead end . Is Rumple in danger? Finally, in flashbacks, we learn what Snow and Charming had to sacrifice in order to allow Emma to access her status as a saver. One thing is certain, we are eager to discover her follow the adventures of our heroes. While waiting for more information, find out why Lana Parrilla’s absence would be a suicide for season 7 of Once Upon A Time.