Once Upon A Time Season 7: Who could be the big bad of the next episodes?

Cinema 8 June, 2017

New villains will land in Storybrooke very soon. Discover the villains we’d like to see in Season 7 of Once Upon A Time!
In 6 seasons, Storybrooke has seen emblematic villains of fairy tales, all more terrible than the others. The Once Upon A Time series has been renewed for a season 7 and will return for new episodes from the beginning of the school year. If much has changed, Henry, Regina, Hook and Gold will face a new threat. It seems that they have all lost their memory again and that they are in the grip of a new curse. But who is at the origin of it? Who could succeed villains such as the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Cruella, Zelena, Hades or even Rumple? The melac editor has a few little ideas and reveals the 4 bad guys you’d like to see in Season 7 of Once Upon A Time.
Doctor Facilier
Doctor Facilier is the villain of The Princess and the Frog . He is not just a magician, he uses black magic to perfection and knows all the voodoo spells . He comes from the caste of the bokors, the witch-priests of the Caribbean and New Orleans, able to communicate with the world of the dead. Yes, it makes the goose bumps! Foxy, he is able to quickly put his finger on the weaknesses of his enemies, which makes him very difficult to defeat.
The terrifying Yzma is the witch of Kuzco, the Emperor Megalo . She is the adviser of the Emperor but above all a great manipulator. In addition, she is a specialist in potions and poisons . She transformed Kuzco into a lama although she wanted to kill him. Indeed, murdering its rivals is not a problem for Yzma, ready to do anything to achieve its ends. From South America, she could perfectly integrate the universe of a heroine like Pocahontas whom we would like to see alongside Lily the Tigress but also from Moana, the possible True Love of Henry in season 7 of Once Upon A Time . The sailor could very well have reached America or a region where magic reigns.
Ms. Mim
Madame Mim de Merlin the Enchanter is one of Disney’s evil emblems . We hoped to see her at Camelot but unfortunately this opportunity was ruined. The rival of Merlin simply loves to spread terror and make his victims suffer. Very comfortable with black magic, it can change appearance or even spread the death of a snap of fingers . His unlimited powers could be a challenge for our heroes of Once Upon A Time .
The White Witch of Narnia
If she is nicknamed the White Witch, Jadis is evil and the most cruel Queen of Narnia. She is particularly powerful and loves to spread chaos. She killed all the men, all the women, all the children, and all the beasts of her kingdom, uttering only one word. To launch a curse would be a child’s play! She would be a formidable villain even for Rumple or Regina in Once Upon A Time . And you, what villain would you like to see in Season 7 of Once Upon A Time?