Once Upon A Time vs. The Big Bang Theory, Legends of Tomorrow vs. Vikings: The Choice of the Draft!

Cinema 29 June, 2017

While the 2017 World Cup continues to be in full swing on melty, find out the editorial choice for matches 5 and 6!
Strongly the results! Yes, the meltynauts, we are just entering the second week of competition and we are terribly impatient to know the name of the big winner. But in the meantime, the confrontations continue and your favorites are likely to be eliminated if you do not give all you can to save them. While The Flash, Westworld or Orange is the New Black have been completely unexpectedly eliminated , the editorial decided to give you the names of our favorites for games 5 and 6!
Once Upon A Time vs. The Big Bang Theory
This is a match between two completely different series. Indeed, if Once Upon A Time is a series based on fairy tales, The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom that follows the tribulations of a geek group. And we will not lie to you, we have a real affection for the two television shows. Broadcast for many years, they have both gained an important place in our hearts. Yet, despite a very low season, we still support Once Upon A Time . Great winner of the first two editions of the CMS, it could easily win again.
Legends of Tomorrow vs Vikings
If Legends of Tomorrow does not get much talk about her, Vikings has established itself as a real phenomenon since its launch on History. Yet, both series are excellent each in their own way . Vikings plays devilishly well with the historical facts and offer us breathtaking twists while Legends of Tomorrow assumes his raving side with brilliance and offers us to laugh a good shot after following the emotionally complicated adventures of The Flash or Arrow. However, just for its popularity and efficiency, our choice is for Vikings for this particularly tight match!
But no panic dear meltynauts! Nothing has yet been played and so it is time to fight as it should to allow your favorite show to win the 2017 World Cup on melty. And you, which series will have your support?