Orange is The New Black season 5: Our first impressions!

Cinema 10 June, 2017

A few hours after the release of season 5 of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, we give you our first feedback, but watch out for the spoilers!
The season 5 of Orange is the New Black finally sounded on Netflix and if you are like us, you may have already donned a few episodes to start the weekend. We offer you a quick verdict of the first episodes but watch out for spoilers in the sequel. As expected, Season 5 takes place over a very limited period of time: 3 days starting from Daya pointing a gun at the guard Humphrey who had the bad idea to bring one to the prison . Obviously things degenerate quickly and it does not take long to Daya to shoot at him. Not a mortal shot, but rather violent to put it in a pitiful state that will only get worse, thank Maureen .
The feeling of unease comes a little later, when the prisoners organized and took the guards hostage. The humiliation they are subjected to is not beautiful to see and although one understands their bitterness and their desire for vengeance, hard not to wonder if they have gone too far. The first episodes in any case arrive at us to see the series of a completely new eye through this unprecedented situation . Contrary to what one might think, the detainees have so far been shown as “nice” in the story, either through their loving personalities or with touching flashbacks explaining how they ended up in prison with Brutal and disrespectful guards.
This time, the situation is reversed and all react in their own way. Between Red who tries to incriminate Piscatella, Taystee who demands justice, Gloria who tries to calm the game and Maria who takes things in hand, each one makes his life. Yet in the middle of everything bazaar, touching and sometimes unexpected moments always bring back the plot to Poussey and his death . After all this drama remains the trigger of the revolt of the prisoners and it is hoped, like Taystee, that they will not forget it and that justice will be done. In any case they are rhythmic and intense episodes that Netflix offers us, which plunge us directly into the atmosphere. Piper assaulted, Daya suspended, Taystee angry and Soso in mourning, we can not wait to see what follows. While waiting to be able to start the episodes, melty had the chance to receive Taylor Schilling, Laverne Cox and Uzo Aduba in interview ! And you, what did you think of the episodes you saw?