Outlander season 3: Sam Heughan (Jamie) had a tough shoot!

Cinema 17 May, 2017

Even though Outlander’s Season 3 was filmed in heavenly places, Sam Heughan had one of the most challenging shoots, including one scene in particular. Discover the reason!
Poor Sam … This season 3 of Outlander promises to put our eyes full. Touring Scotland and South Africa, the scenery will be grand and the episodes should make us travel with our heroes. Moreover, the teaser of this season 3 of Outlander was incredible and it puts us the water in the mouth. If we thought the shooting was done in the best possible conditions for our actors and team members, it would seem that Sam Heughan has a bad memory. Indeed, a scene will remain for a moment engraved in the head. The character of Jamie Fraser was supposed to have sea sickness while he was on the boat and Sam Heughan so turned this scene that he became really sick …
Attention Diana, Sam may not be happy! The author of the successful novels made unflattering confidences on the interpreter of Sam Heughan . Fortunately the team has a great sense of humor. She explained, “Sam had to vomit for a scene and it’s not a spoiler to say that Jamie Fraser is sick.” He was standing with a page of the script in his hand and he looked disheveled as he read Script, and he said he thought he was feeling bad. “. Diana Gabaldon said Sam Heughan told her: “They gave me green-dyed egg whites with the most disgusting vanilla essence I ever had, and I had to keep this mixture in my mouth until I got it, It is time to vomit. ” . Poor Jamie, it did not have to be easy. The author added, “Sure, they shot the scene again and again and around the sixth time, Sam looked at the glass of egg whites and said, ‘F ** k my life.’ The scene was not all glamorous. ” . That, we want to believe it! Now we can understand why Sam Heughan has a bad memory of this scene. In any case, while waiting to see it on our screens, discover if Outlander is better than Game of Thrones! What do you think ?