Pacific Rim 2: Charlie Hunnam explains his absence

Cinema 20 April, 2017

Heroes of the first film, Charlie Hunnam will not be casting Pacific Rim 2. And the actor finally revealed the reason for his absence.
It was not our disappointment to learn that Charlie Hunnam would not be in Pacific Rim 2! It is finally John Boyega, aka Finn in the new Star Wars trilogy, who will play the heroes in this new adventure against the terrible Kaiju . But if you were wondering why Charlie Hunnam did not resume his role as Jaeger’s super-pilot, the actor finally explained himself in an interview with Den of Geek. And it’s just a timetable story! Indeed, Charlie Hunnam had other projects in progress and he had to choose between slipping back into the skin of Raleigh for a second part or escaping from prison in the remake of Papillon in place of Steve McQueen At the time. ” Although it had poor results at the global box office, Pacific Rim was a huge success in China. Suddenly, the priority was therefore to make Pacific Rim: Uprising and they wanted to do it very, very quickly. Their planning has changed dramatically and maybe I could have done both, but at the time they were writing the script and they needed to know if I would be part of it or not, ” he said. Thus entrusted Charlie Hunnam.
And while Charlie Hunnam was preparing to choose, “reluctantly” , to replenish for Pacific Rim 2, the president of the production company Legendary, Thomas Tull, agreed to cancel the contract of the actor. “He said,” man, you were going to do this other movie and that’s where your heart is. I do not want you on the set if you’re not happy, so go make the other movie. “It was incredibly generous on his part ,” said Charlie Hunnam. In the end, the film did not lose out with John Boyega. With his main role in the new Star Wars trilogy, the latter has become a global star, which will not hurt the Pacific Rim saga. And then, if the latter is successful, A third film will be launched and then Charlie Hunnam will be in the game! Meanwhile, the latter will be found next month in The King Arthur, of which you can discover photos on melty. And you what do you think ?