Pirates of the Caribbean 5 hacked, Disney must pay a ransom not to see the film leaked

Cinema 16 May, 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean 5, pirated? According to recent reports, a group of hackers would claim a ransom to the Disney studios by threatening to league the film on the net!
Protecting films and their rights to broadcast before being released has become extremely complicated. Between the untimely leaks, illegal downloads and streaming platforms that give access to feature films at the same time they go to the cinema, the film industry already had hands full. But this is apparently another form of piracy that she must now face. Moreover, the term ” piracy ” is, for the moment, very relevant! For you figure, the meltynauts, that Disney was visibly the victim of an attack led by hackers who would threaten the studios … to broadcast Pirates of the Caribbean 5: The Revenge of Salazar, Which is due to leave the US on May 26 if they refuse to pay the ransom requested . The information comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which reports that Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, would have unveiled the alarming news to his teams on Monday in the day. If THR does not specify that it is Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which some have already seen , the Deadline website, however, claims that it is indeed the latter that is targeted here.
According to information circulating, the hackers would have asked for the ransom to be paid in bitcoins, a process characteristic of this kind of attack, indicating wanting to broadcast the first 5 minutes of the film, then squarely 20-minute slices, If their conditions were not fulfilled . Disney studios are not the first to be victims of this form of blackmail. Very recently, Netflix faced the same problem when a hacker threatened to make available the 10 episodes of the new Orange season several weeks before their release, scheduled for June 9th. Obviously, we do not know how much the hackers claimed at Disney, but Bob Iger made it clear that the studios refused to give in to blackmail and pay. So we just have to cross the fingers so that they quickly find a solution to avoid that Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which marks according to the director a return to the sources of the franchise , is found massively pirated before its official release in room ! What do you think ?