Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Jack Sparrow confronts a phantom shark in a new extract

Cinema 13 April, 2017

The life of Jack Sparrow will not be of any rest in Pirates of the Caribbean 5. The pirate will face a shark shark visible in a new extract!
During these last four adventures, Jack Sparrow will have faced enemies! And yet, the pirate will not be at the end of his surprises in Pirates of the Caribbean 5 whose new teaser reveals the return of old characters and ghosts . And speaking of ghosts, another a little particular will face our joyful trublion. Because as if the sharks were not already scary enough (I think we all remember the Teeth of the Sea ), it is a ghost shark that will make its appearance in this new opus. The sea will be so formidable for our heroes and Salazar will have more than one henchman to take revenge on Jack Sparrow (who will come back younger in a flashback)
With the preview of this ghost shark, it is the promise of a film full of action in the line of precedents. The spirit of Pirates of the Caribbean seems to be present and Jack Sparrow is always more ecstatic than ever. This episode is eagerly awaited by fans reassured by the first reviews of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 just like this short excerpt. Not to mention that for the occasion, Will Turner or Captain Barbossa will sign their great return in their cult roles known by all the aficionados of the franchise. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar will be released on our screens on May 24th . Still a few weeks to wait before finding Jack Sparrow!