Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, become a heroine of the series in your turn!

Cinema 10 January, 2017

You have always wanted to slip into the skin of one of the Liars? Want to live surrounded by mystery and love? This is good, an application allows you to realize this wish!

What if everything was possible? And yes the meltynauts, for almost seven years, the heroines of Rosewood make us live their adventures. Romantic, sometimes even dangerous flippantes spectacular, the stories of our Liars have something to fascinate thousands of viewers on Freeform . And while we sometimes want to become an inhabitant of Rosewood, an application might well have realized our most secret dream. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover five questions we must absolutely get answers in season 7 of Pretty Little Liars is on EPISODES application you can slip into the skin of a newcomer in high school. Available on iPhone and Android, this application will let you choose what you want to do in the city . You will make your own choices and see your story evolve.
With free passes, you can go from chapter to chapter to learn more about the mysteries surrounding the identity of -A. Better, you will have the opportunity to choose your look and bind yourself with the characters that will please you the most. The only flaws, the game is entirely in English and you have to wait a few hours to get new free pass . Notice to non-bilingual, you will need some notions of English to take full advantage of this new experience. But then, will you be smart enough to get away from your master singer? It’s time to find out. Pending more information, treat yourself to the latest video promo of season 7 of Pretty Little Liars on melty. What do you think of this new story about EPISODES application?