Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 12, Jenna is back in the promo video!

Cinema 19 April, 2017

Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 episode 12 will be released on April 26 on Freeform.
They are back ! – so that -A plays them bad tricks! After several months of waiting, the last chapter of the adventures of Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Alison has just opened and it starts with several bad news for the girls. Unfortunately for them, Noel was not AD, which means that the person who runs after them is still somewhere in Rosewood and he – or she – has booked them many surprises. They now have a big board game at the Jumanji and it does not sound good. The Liars are not at the end of their trouble and we see it especially in the video promotion of the episode 12 of season 7 of Pretty Little Liars , which you can see below.
If we believe the pictures, it is rather as a victim that Jenna will introduce to the girls – and the police – announcing that Noel wanted to kill her too. Spencer does not seem to believe a single word coming out of her mouth, believing her always responsible for her gunshot wound . Caleb will not be particularly fan of Jenna’s return and will decide to confront her directly. Moreover, it seems that Hanna is once again put in a dangerous situation. What will happen to him in this new episode of Pretty Little Liars ? As for Emily, if you hear her say “he’s a tyrant,” she may not even talk about Jenna, but about one of the high school students, A certain Addison who should remind us of Alison’s behavior at his age. While waiting to learn more, you can already read our review of episode 11 of season 7 of Pretty Little Liars , on melty. What do you think ?