Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 15, Alison and Emily have a choice to make, our review

Cinema 24 May, 2017

Last night, the American channel Freeform broadcast episode 15 of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. Then discover our criticism of “In the Eye Abides the Heart”.
After a week of absence, season 7 of Pretty Little Liars was back last night with episode 15 . If we were eager to see how the plot of Aria would go now that she was working for AD, we can not hide our disappointment with this new episode of Marlene King’s series . If there were moments we liked – like Mona’s intervention or the conversation between Alison and Paige – the rhythm is too slow while there are not many episodes left until the end and we expected more. Aria becomes an informant for AD, forced to speak to a face that resembles him but a flippant version . For the time being, His involvement will remain there and during the rest of the episode we will follow the twists and turns of his relationship with Ezra. The latter continues to want to help Nicole and is even about to leave for New York. A new dispute between the two fiancés will finally make him understand that it is not his fault what happened to Nicole and that it is not up to him to make it better.
For their part, Alison and Emily have to deal with the consequences of what they discovered in episode 14, that is to say that it is an egg of Emily that was used to make the baby that carries Ali. Before making any decision about the future of this fetus, they decide to verify the veracity of AD’s statements. The good news ? Archer Dunhill is not the father of the child. The bad ? Emily is indeed the mother and the girls must then make a decision of the most important. We appreciate the maturity and honesty of Emily in this episode, which tells everything to Paige. It must be confessed that this plot is treated in a very adult way, since the Liars choose communication, something that they have tended to set aside during the last 6 seasons.
After the revelations made by Ted, Hanna and the Liars investigated a little more about Lucas and her possible connection to AD and Charlotte. If Hanna refuses to believe that Lucas can be involved, she and Emily find a comic, realized by Lucas and Charles, who talk about a person badly treated by their close relations who turn to Arcturas to protect themselves and using methods rather Violent … Does that remind you of anything? If one doubts that Lucas is AD, it is possible that he knows more than he suggests. Hanna also put Mona in the confidence about the game, and it’s always a pleasure to see Mona on our screen! We hope that she will accept her friend’s proposal, because we are well-packed by Mona VS AD in the next episodes.
Finally, the plot of Spencer is the strangest. She communicates with Mary Drake via papers put in a bottle of wine. How does the bottle arrive there without anyone seeing Mary and what does she want to say to Spencer? We do not know, and because of the suspicions of Marco, we may never know. All the tracks seem to go back to her and we wonder if Spencer is not going to be accused again of murder if it goes on like this … Moreover, the strangest thing is that, Lost Woods Resort , we see her at the airport chatting with Wren and it really happens like a hair on the soup . Does Spencer have a twin that we do not know exists? The plot of Spencer raises many questions and we hope to have some answers thereafter and we also hope to discover the secrets that Aria can well hide to join Team AD in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars . What did you think of this episode?