Pretty Little Liars, The 100, The Flash, Supergirl: What gifts for our series heroes?

Cinema 27 December, 2016

While the end of the year is fast approaching and we have already celebrated Christmas, what gifts could please our heroes of favorite series? The editing of melty has looked into the matter!
Merry Christmas! and yesAnd yes the meltynauts, if Christmas ended a few days ago, we are still in gift mode. It must be said that even if we love meeting with our loved ones in order to spend a wonderful time, the gift is the essential step that should not be missed. And while the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our top 8 dead we should have seen it coming , we decided to develop a list of gifts that we would like to offer our heroes favorite series. Quickly discover our ideas!
Merry Christmas Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars)!
Pretty, serious and always resourceful, our favorite Spencer already has everything she could dream of. But there is something that could make her happy. What if we disdain an old book written by its favorite author? A sort of antique that would go perfectly in its collection! Here is a present that would touch the young woman in the heart.
Merry Christmas Clarke Griffin (The 100)!
Apocalypse in full, there is little doubt that the beautiful Clarke has other things in mind, receive the perfect gift . However, if a renowned scientist hears us, we are convinced that she would gladly accept to be offered a powerful vaccine to survive the terrible threat that may strike the Earth and the 100. Has anyone, What resources are needed to produce such a remedy?
Merry Christmas Barry Allen (The Flash)!
Barry has always had his heart on his hands and we have had difficulty seeing him as a materialist or superficial. This is why we would be more tempted to offer him a present personality and not necessarily expensive. What if we made him frame a picture of him child surrounded by his mother and father? Perhaps it would be an opportunity for him to turn the page and accept that he must continue without them?
Merry Christmas Kara Danvers (Supergirl)!
The beautiful Kara Danvers spends all the year fighting the bad guys to protect the innocent. And for Christmas, the young woman is mostly filled to spend with loved ones . Unfortunately, it’s easy to imagine how much his heart is tightening, thinking of Krypton and his missing family. To comfort her, we would like to make her a box filled with memories of this part of her life but also of her existence on Earth. Photos, perfumes, pieces of his ship, … everything would be good to remind him of good times.
Merry Christmas Bonnie Bennett (The Vampire Diaries)!
After years of pain and loneliness, the pretty witch of Mystic Falls has finally found great love with Enzo. And despite many twists following the arrival of the twins, the two young people can finally live their history in peace. But they still lack a cozy nest since Bonnie set fire to their cottage. Thus, we would be more than delighted to rebuild a house on the ruins of the old. Okay, we should put the price but they would be so happy!
Merry Christmas Michonne (The Walking Dead)!
At the moment, the conditions of life of the group of Rick and Michonne are not at the top. It would be very surprising if they decided to celebrate Christmas. However, if there is indeed a gift that would please Michonne, it is indeed a box of balls. That would give them hope to defeat the terrible Negan once and for all.
Merry Christmas Clary Fray (Shadowhunters)!
Badly since she discovered that the boy she loves is her brother, poor Clary had to confront Valentin and Jace who decided to join their father’s camp. For Christmas, the only thing that could give hope to the pretty redhead would be to finally get the Mortal Cup. Will she allow him to save Jace and defeat Valentine? We cross fingers for her.
Merry Christmas Lincoln Burrow (Prison Break)!
That his brother is still alive and thus precipitated his research on FOX , Christmas really is not his priority. Unless we offered him the key that would open Michael’s cell? Not sure that we really are able but nothing ventured nothing gained as they say . One thing is certain, Lincoln would be eternally grateful if we succeeded! And you, what gifts would you have chosen for our heroes?