Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Reign … The series that will leave us in 2017!

Cinema 4 January, 2017

The beginning of the year also marks the beginning of the end for many series ready to bow out. Small recap!
The New Year is not just about making good resolutions (or not), it is also an opportunity to take stock of what we have done and what we Series is the same! So that you spoke of Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries there is little wondering what other character would die , there will today be interested in it as well as all series that will need to say goodbye 2017. Without hearing, means or both, or because it is simply time to stop, many series will offer us this year their last season . Some will miss us, others a little less and do not hesitate to share in the comments those that you will regret most. We begin by the big hits that mark the end of an era as The Vampire Diaries whose eighth season will be the last as announced Julie Plec at Comic Con.
Pretty Little Liars will itself also finally ended in 2017 after the second part of Season 7, which will be broadcast from April 18 to Freeform, like Teen Wolf whose sixth and final season is currently on MTV. In a very different style, it is the Reign of characters we will see for the last time this year in season 4, aired from February 10 on The CW . Hannah, Marnie and others will also bid farewell in the season 6 of Girls aired from February 12 on HBO and the American cable channel also completed this year the distribution of The Leftovers , which ends after a third season. And the list goes on with Switched at Birth , Bates Motel , Orphan Black and Episodes whose season 5 will all last. Some have done better as Grimm (6 seasons) or Workaholics (7 seasons).
It’s all the same bones that holds the palm longevity among the series that stop this year as it was after its season 12, which will contain 12 episodes, the show of the FOX say goodbye . Finally others have not been as far as Bloodline , Salem and Review (3 seasons) or The Strain, Halt and Catch Fire, Black Sails and Rogue (4 seasons). Amazon series Hand of God will it stopped after 2 seasons while Conviction , which aired on ABC, was canceled last fall during the broadcast of his first season but will be broadcast in its entirety and ending on the thirteenth and final episode On 29 January. This concludes our little overview of the majority of the series that will not be seen again in 2018. Some will leave a real void behind them and others will miss only the most invested fans but one thing is for sure, the series is expected in 2017 as should fill all! And you, what series are you going to miss?