Prince Harry soon daddy with Meghan Markle? He’s looking forward to starting a family!

Entertainment 6 June, 2017

Is Meghan Markle on the brink of bringing forth the next heir to the crown of England? Maybe … Anyway, Prince Harry is impatient!
Rumors are rife around a future pregnancy within the royal family. Moreover, Kate Middleton is often the one targeted by these sayings. Many tabloids suggest that the Duchess of Cambridge might soon give birth to her third child. A brother or sister for Charlotte and George ? What is certain is that the wife of Prince William is not the only one to make talk on the social networks. Yes, since Meghan Markle has been a couple with Prince Harry , there are many stories, sometimes false, that have been written about him. While members of his family often made the headlines of the popular press, The subject that interests most the readers, it is mainly his betrothal. While some Internet users think that they have already occurred in secret, others are convinced that Prince Harry will make his request in the months to come. But who says marriage says children. In any case, we know one who is impatient to the idea of ​​becoming a dad .
According to a close friend of the royal clan who confided in New Idea , Prince Harry would be eager to be a father. “Have a baby with Meghan?” Harry continues to talk about it right now, ” says the informant. Interviewed by Telegrah’s Mad World a few months ago, the young man of 32 years had already confided: “I would love to be a father.” But that’s not all ! The beautiful redhead would also plan his future marriage request to Meghan Markle . To found a family would then be the next obvious step for the two lovebirds. Passionate about Australia , the brother of the Duke of Cambridge , To make its arrival for the Invictus Games . A journey that would mark the beginning of a new life for Harry . “He loves Australia and he would like to take Meghan and their baby to Sydney in 2018 for a first royal visit, which would be very important for him,” said the indiscreet. According to the informant, Prince Harry would even consider having a pied-a-terre to spend at least a month or more in the year: “He has already done research for an isolated far farm Of everything, a place where he could have security and privacy. ” What projects! Hopefully, They are realized for the two lovers who seem well and ready to move in together . And you, would you like a new baby in the royal family?